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2020-09-29 12:51:01

Peeking through webcams in autumn

We associate September, similarly to New Year, with a new beginning. It was always in the autumn that we would start the next school or academic year. It's the time when most of us leave the summer holiday behind us and switch from thinking about vacations to work and study.

This doesn't mean, however, that we can't forget it for a moment, turn on a webcam from a Croatian beach in the evening and imagine ourselves standing by the water's edge. A cool and humid breeze blows over us, which gives a little respite after a hot day. Clear water ripples at our feet, reflecting the soft light of the setting sun every now and then, and under which there are thousands of small pebbles, so characteristic of the beaches in this country.

Croatia webcams

Each of us has different memories and differently imagines this "perfect" moment of vacation, but it's definitely worth coming back to. Such a moment can help us get away from everyday problems and calm our mind a bit. Below, we present some webcam propositions. We start with the aforementioned Croatia:

Webcams at the seaside

Of course, British spend their holidays not only in Croatia. There are also other countries in southern Europe, and above all our Great Britain, beautiful and sandy coast:

We can also find our holiday beach using the map of webcams. We wish you nice peeking and perseverance until the next holiday :)

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